Simple exercises to cure trigger disease finger symptoms.

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In an era where people work in front of computer screens Use your smartphone for a long time with the same posture repeatedly Until causing pain in the muscles, tendons, and various joints of the fingers, leading to the development of trigger finger disease.

What is trigger finger disease

Is a condition in which the finger locks when bent. and cannot easily return to straighten It is caused by inflammation and thickening of the tendon sheath in the finger. This causes the tendons and muscles inside to be unable to stretch and contract normally. The finger then locks. Unable to straighten normally Trigger finger typically occurs on the thumb, middle, or ring finger, or may occur on several fingers. and fingers on both hands at the same time. Report by

What are the symptoms of trigger finger

  • A popping sensation when bending or straightening the finger
  • Finger stiffness occurs which usually occurs in the morning
  • It feels tight and feels like something is rising at the base of the trigger finger.
  • Trigger finger when bent which occurs as soon as the finger is suddenly stretched
  • Trigger finger occurs when you bend your finger without being able to straighten it back.

Trigger finger disease  is caused by the tendon sheath. The area of ​​the finger becomes inflamed and thick. Makes the tendon inside not Can move normally It usually occurs on the thumb, middle finger, and ring finger or may occur on several fingers at the same time. or fingers on both hands at the same timeFor people who have fingers The first symptoms There will be pain at the base of the finger joint, swelling, redness, and heat for a long time. The pain starts to get worse and you can’t move your fingers or make a fist. There is side contraction. Can’t stretch out Until causing the condition of seizures to follow if patients who do not receive appropriate treatment

Easy  ways to exercise your fingers to prevent trigger finger disease.

Just a few minutes By gently stretching the tendons of the fingers until they are moderately tight. Hold for about 10-30 seconds. Repeat without repetition. For use that requires finger strength. so that the tendon and the tendon sheath can rest from use, just this can prevent Easily treat the initial symptoms of trigger finger. Can be done anywhere, anytime.