Let’s see how to play Japanese Mahjong easily.

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Let’s see how to play Japanese Mahjong easily.

Japanese Mahjong is a card originating from Mahjong, a card game from China. The way to play is different. This card game was originally popular with Chinese gamblers. Then the popularity has spread in Japan.

Make Japanese gamblers like it. So there was a change in the rules and how to play Mahjong. Therefore, it is the origin of the Japanese Mahjong game itself. UFABET has brought these card games for everyone to enjoy with gambling. In the Japanese game, there are 136 cards in 1 deck. Before learning how to play Japanese Mahjong, A gambler like you should be familiar with the types of Japanese Mahjong first. 

Types of Japanese Mahjong are divided into 2 types: 

  1. Numbers – can be divided into 3 sets, namely the ten thousand set, the bamboo set and the ping set. The ten thousand set will range from 1-9 ten thousand, called Emang, Ream Mang, Sammang, Sumang, Uman. D, Romag, Jemang, Pamang and Kewman. Next is the bamboo set. There will be from 1-9 bamboo called Eso, Renzo, Sangso, Suso, Uso, Ro. So, Ji-so, Paso and Kyuso, and finally, the shooting set, also known as the coin, is available from 1-9 pings, called I-Ping, Riam-Ping, Sam-Ping, Su-Ping, Oo. Ping, Roping, Jiping, Paping, and Cuping
  2. · Fonts – can be divided into 2 sets: direction set and special set. The set that will have a total of 4 directions: south, north, east, west is called Tong, Nan, Cha, Pei, and the special set has a total of 3 called Chung, Haku, and Hatsu.

Basic methods of playing Japanese are as follows. 

  1. Each player is dealt 13 cards, then must roll the dice to determine the direction and determine the first player.
  2. Once the first player has been assigned The first player must draw 1 card from the for up, totaling 14 cards in their hand, then discard 1 card from their hand, the remaining 13 cards remain the same. is the arrangement of the cards That is, there must be 4 aligned sets or 4 tong sets and 1 paired set.
  3. After that the other players draw a card and discard the irrelevant card, the hand must be the same 13 cards. 
  4. Then it will be another player’s turn. How to play Japanese will continue to cycle until someone loses. This ends the Japanese way of playing Mahjong.