Arthur Melo hopes to finish off Liverpool.

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Arthur Melo is expected to play his last game as a Liverpool player before leaving the club at the end of the season.

Brazilian midfielder Arthur Melo has revealed he wants to bid farewell to Liverpool by finishing the season with the Reds. After the 26-year-old midfielder is about to end his loan contract this summer According to a report from Goal on Monday, 

Since the start of 2023, Arthur has been an unused substitute for three games against Bournemouth, Manchester City and Chelsea, and has not been included in the Reds’ last seven games on stage. premier league Despite having problems since moving from Juventus with a loan contract But the 26-year-old remained positive for the club and Jurgen Klopp, who he hopes will be given the chance to bid farewell for the remainder of the season. 

Arthur said :

‘Hopefully I’ll have the option to say goodbye to Liverpool with some play. to say goodbye to teammates technical committee And the fans who have been good to me.’ UFABET

‘Since I arrived (Jurgen) Klopp has treated me well. It was an honor for me to work with Jurgen, he is one of the best coaches in the world. He always spoke very well about me. He’s such an amazing person. And the treatment was good, beautiful and special.’ 

‘Training with someone like him always gives you a lot as a player. And I’m sure it’s useful for what’s to come. because you learned a lot from him.’

‘Now I’m recovered. Obviously I want to play more. But I can understand that the situation now is different from when I arrived. Because at that time the team had some needs. And now there’s something else. But I’m comfortable when I talk to them and they tell me that. No one complained to me. quite the opposite’

‘And Liverpool in general. They treated me great. And I have only good words To them and their love is very special. Next season I look at it with good eyes. It will be decisive in my career. And I’m working very well. I’m looking forward to showing this new version of Arthur,’ said the 26-year-old midfielder.

Arthur, who is contracted to Juventus until 2025, has scored just one goal and one assist in 63 appearances for Juventus. And do not think it will be in Max Allegri’s next season’s plans