Basten urges Ten Hag move forward grab Chelsea football

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Basten urges Ten Hag move forward grabbing Chelsea footballers. Adding to the offensive line of Man U urgently.

Marko van Basten has urged new Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag to move forward with Chelsea’s Hakim Ziyech. During this summer

Back in the years before Ziyech move to Stamford Bridge. He was one of the main disciples of the Ten Hag manager, who rose to fame with Ajax. and being followed by big clubs across Europe

However, Ziyech was not very successful at Chelsea in terms of personal performance. This may be because the injury is quite frequent, causing less chance of playing on the field as well. Which is another reason. Why the chance of being released from the navy blue lion army is quite high if someone really dares to buy

“You know what? I think Hakim Ziyech has now adapted seamlessly to English football. Although the chances of playing for Chelsea are a little less. But he is still one of the best players,” Van Basten told UFABET.

“And if possible, I would like to see Erik ten Hag bring him together again at Manchester United, I don’t have to say how great the deal would be if it did happen.”