Henry questions PSG player discipline.

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Thierry Henry has questioned the PSG football dressing room issue that is so unclear. That it has become a current problem.

Legendary France striker Thierry Henry has commented on Paris Saint-Germain’s recurring problems. And who always end a season with drama and pressure on the coach. According to reports. From ‘Diario As’ last Monday. 

Since reaching the Champions League final in 2020. PSG have faced the same problems on the European stage. And always ends the season with drama. Although many people think that signing a contract with a player or trainer is not the root of the problem. UFABET But it is their dressing-room culture that there is no clear hierarchy in Henry’s view. 

‘What are the PSG rules?’ It’s the elders who will give you the rules when you come to the club. When I arrived at Arsenal it was impossible to do what I wanted to do. You will be fined if you go a little above your role.’

Henry also elaborated on anecdotes showing a similar hierarchy at Barcelona. When he moved to Azul Grana with current coach Xavi Hernandez. protagonist at that time.

‘When I arrived at Barça, I laughed at the words ‘More than a club.’ Xavi put me back on track. He told me, ‘You haven’t won anything here. when you win You can say’