Manchester United does not guarantee de Gea first hand next season

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British media reports Manchester United will not guarantee David de Gea No 1 status next season. The 32-year-old has been Manchester United’s No 1 since joining the club in 2011. But lately has shown a number of mistakes. In addition, the latest match played an important role in causing the team to lose to West Ham.

In addition, the Spanish player’s contractual situation remains unclear. It was reported that he was discussing a new contract. Erik Ten Hag still trusted this picker. But it’s stuck on the deal that hasn’t been concluded. Because the club wants to reduce wages and put more commitment to performance.

On Monday night, Telegraph Football revealed that. The Red Devils had expressed their hesitation about De Gea’s No 1 status. And were ready to find a goalkeeper in the competition next season UFABET

British media further stated that the Red Devils will no longer guarantee the position of first-choice goalkeeper for De Gea. Because the club wants to have competition to keep the players alert all the time. And viewed that it would be good for all parties.

There is a possibility that Ten Hag will be looking for a new goalkeeper. Especially a goalkeeper who is good with the ball at his feet. As this is a weak point for De Gea who has made mistakes so often.

Names that the Telegraph have linked to Manchester United are interested in both Brentford’s David Raya and Porto’s Diogo Costa among other options. Still have to wait and see if the team can win the Champions League quota or not. Because this part will give the Red Devils more power to negotiate and draw attention.